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Optics milestones


The Spanish Optical Society was founded in March of 1968. The creation of the Society was established to promote the development of Optics and in particular the investigation and industrial applications of its different branches.

The Spanish Optical Society in the moment of its establishment grouped together different Committees that have been carried out and increasing the potential prior to the society’s constitution, like the Optics Committee (founded in 1950), the Spanish Color Committee and the Spanish Spectroscopy Committee (founded in 1965), and the Spanish Committee of Illumination (founded in the first half of century and renovated in 1956). Since the beginning, the Society formed with the idea that existing Committees would not be replaced but joined and unified with efforts and the people that work in the field of Optics.

Following this tradition the Society is still currently formed by Committees, which carry out their own activities.

The Society is under sponsorship of Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Superior Council of Scientific Research), through its Centro de Fisica (Physics Center) “Miguel A. Catalán”, and counts on its support from Universities, Investigation Centers, and other entities, as many public as private, all in relation with Optics.

The Spanish Optical Society corresponds with the Confederación de Sociedades Científicas de España, COSCE (Confederation of Scientific Societies of Spain). This Confederation, product of various collected initiatives promoted in 2003, brings together more than 60 Scientific Societies, following the latest additions in 2005.

Spanish Optical Society Statutes



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